Samstag, 8. November 2014

String Thing # 65

 Here's my tile for "The String Thing # 65" , and as recommended I used these patterns:

  • Pais by Mikee Huber
  • Angel Fish by CZT Marizann van Beek and to add a grid based pattern ~
  • Tesali by Elena Hadzijaneva
I never used Pais and Tesali before, and I like how different they are. I surely will use them again :-)

Have a nice week,

Freitag, 7. November 2014

Diva-challenge # 192: Seton

Here's my contribution to the challenge #192 from "The Diva". I used the patterns:

- Seton by Cris Letourneau
- ???

I love the second pattern, but I absolutely can't remember the name of this one. If anybody could tell me the name, I would be thankful :-)

Have a nice week,

Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Joey's challenge # 33: Mandala

This week#s challenge at madebyjoey's we had to tangle a Mandala. It's my first try to draw a Mandala and I had lots of fun while I was filling the small parts. I'll do another "Zendala" soon I guess :-)

Tangling wishes,

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

Kreativzeit November: Weltall

Recently I joined to a great german community named "Muster-Kritzeln, Art-Journaling und 
Schrift-Bilder" and I took part to the monthly topic. This time it's "Weltall" (="space") and I tangled around with Auraknot and lots of freestyle-objects. The community isn't only for tangers, they are playing around with paper, colors, pens, different techniques and lettering. I hope to get more inspired and to be more adventurous :-)

I decided to write some posts also in german, so don't be surprised if you can't read anything ;-)

Kürzlich habe ich das Forum "Muster-Kritzeln, Art-Journaling und Schrift-Bilder" für mich entdeckt und nahm dort gleich am monatlichen Thema teil. Dieses Mal geht es um das Thema "Weltall" und ich habe ein wenig herumgekritzelt mit Auraknot und einer Menge anderer Freestyle-Objekten. Das Forum ist nicht nur fürs Kritzeln, sie spielen mit allem herum was ums Thema Papier, Farben, Stiften, verschiedenen Techniken und Schrift geht. Ich hoffe auf noch mehr Inspiration dort, und dass ich experimentierfreudiger werde :-)

Have a creative time!

Square One: Chainging

This weeks' pattern of the week in the Facebook-group "Square One" was "Chainging/Punzel" by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I tried it once before, but wasn't very satisfied with it. This time I tried it with some auxiliary lines, and I feel better with it. It's not like I wanted it to be, but next time I'll try again :)

I used these patterns:
- Chainging by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
- Ing by Molly Hollibaugh
- 'Nzeppel by Maria Thomas

Have a nice time tangling!