Samstag, 25. April 2015

String Thing # 89

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth of England's 89th birthday Adele Bruno's String Thing-challenge #89 was to use String 089 and these patterns:

Jeewels by Livia Chua
Jems by Margaret Bremner, CZT
Knightsbridge by Maria Thomas
Queen's Crown by Suzanne McNeill, CZT

Jems and Queen's Crown were new to me and I decided not to use Jeewels as a border-pattern as I usually did but as a space-filling pattern in the middle. King's Crown is such an easy pattern with lots of potential to tangle around with it, I like it :)

Have a great weekend,

Diva-challenge # 214

This one is for the Diva-challenge #214 to celebrate this weeks' Earth Day. At first I drew a circle by hand (once you got the trick to draw round circle which are not looking like wobbly eggs it's easy :) ). Then I colored with some waercolor-pens and added some water with a watertank-brush. After it dried I added the patterns with a black fineliner and shaded it with a black crayon. At least I added some white highlights with a white crayon and a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen. That's it :)

These are the patterns I used:

  • Allium by JJ La Barbera
  • Beelight by Suzanne McNeill
  • Cat-Kin by Mimi Lempart
  • CO2 by Antonine Megger
  • Dust Bunny by Margaret Bremner
  • Erbluehen by Simone Bischoff
  • Fish-Face by Cookie
  • Sand Swirl by Karry Heun
  • Snäylz Trayl by Cookie

Happy Earth-Day :)


Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Muster-Mixer # 5

This is my last post for today, I promise :) It's my contribution for the german challenge called "Muster-Mixer" by Anya Lothrop. Muster-Mixer means to merge, intertwine or create a new tanglepattern with the two patterns we use. This month we used
  • Luv-A by Sharon Caforio and
  • Ish by Anya Lothrop
I added some color with my felt-pens from Stabilo, watered them with a watertank-brush and a least I used a sakura white-pen to highkight some areas. I tangled and tangled and got into a flow, I can't stop filling the heartshaped Luv-A's :D It was really fun, I'm curious to see se new patterns for may :)

For my german readers:

Dies ist mein letzter Post für heute, versprochen :) Das ist mein Beitrag für die Muster-Mixer-challenge von Anya Lothrop. Muster-Mixer bedeutet man soll zwei Tanglemuster miteinander verschmelzen, ineinander übergehen lassen oder sogar ein ganz neues Muster daraus erfinden. Diesen Monat benutzten wir
  • Luv-A von Sharon Caforio und
  • Ish von Anya Lothrop
Ich habe ein wenig Farbe verwendet mit meinen Stabilo-Filzstiften. Aquarelliert habe ich mit einem Wassertankpinsel und die weißen Highlights sind mit einem Sakura- White-Pen entstanden. Ich war so im Flow das ich nicht aufhören konnte die herzförmigen Luv-As zu füllen :D Es hat riesigen Spaß gemacht und ich bin schon gespannt auf die neuen Muster im nächsten Monat :)


Have a great day,

Diva-Challenges # 212 & 213 and Joey's challenges # 55 & 56

Here are my tiles for the Diva-challenges I tangled. The first one is for challenge #212. It was UMT-time and we should use the pattern "Fanz" by Susan Goetter:

I used:

  • Fanz (of course) by Susan Goetter
  • Meer by Margaret Bremner
  • Hairy by Karen Ann Young

and a free string.

The second tile is a combination of the Diva-challenge #213 and Joey's challenge #56.
For the Diva-challenge we should use Traced Object Strings and I took a spice jar as a string :)
For Joey's challenge we should use these patterns:

Last but not least my contribution for Joey's challenge #55:

We should tangle with

  • Cat-Kin by Mimi Lempart and I added 
  • Tizzy by Hanny Waldburger and 
  • Crescent Moon by Zentangle
I really fell in love with Cat-Kin, it's so soft and nice to tangle with ♥

Keep on tangling!
Love, Joya

Tackle it Tuesday: Y-Z

Now we tangled the whole alphabet and end with Y and Z at the "Tackle it Tuesday-challenge" :)

I used the patterns

  • You Are Here (YAH) by Emily Classon
  • Zanholli by molossus
  • Zinger by Zentangle
  • Zonked by Barbara Finwall

and a free String. YAH was new to me, it's a really funny pattern and I like it :)


Square One: Nipa

I don't participate every challenge every week, but this one ist from the week April 3 through April 9, 2015 with the focus on Nipa (by Sandy Bartholomew) in the Square One: Purely Zentagle-group on Facebook. I added Mumsy (fortuitous also by Sandy Bartholomew) and used a free string.


String Thing # 85 & 86 & 87

Phew, time passes by very quickly the last month. First I catched a cold and then I had lots of stuff to do, so I didn't blog anything. But I tangled a few tiles I'd like to show you, and here are the tiles from Adele Bruno's String Thing-challenges:

This tile is from "The String Thing #85" with String 085:

With these patterns:
Sorry for the dark picture, I forgot my camera at my parent's house and so I had to use my cellphone-cam.

This one's from "The String Thing #86" with a string created by Adele herself:

Used patterns:
  • Well-Mooka-Z by Sharyn Penna
  • Coaster by Carole Ohl
  • CO2 by Antonine Megger
Adele awarded me with "the honor of the week", and I'm proud to get such a great award with all of the wonderful art shown by the other tanglers ♥

The second tile in this challenge is from "The String Thing #87", also with a new string created by Adele:

We used:
  • Loop by Amelie Liao, CZT
  • 'Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT
I'm not very satisfied with that, it's nea but not very creative. But I love grid-patterns, so this was fun :)

Have a great sunny day!