Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Diva-Challenges # 212 & 213 and Joey's challenges # 55 & 56

Here are my tiles for the Diva-challenges I tangled. The first one is for challenge #212. It was UMT-time and we should use the pattern "Fanz" by Susan Goetter:

I used:

  • Fanz (of course) by Susan Goetter
  • Meer by Margaret Bremner
  • Hairy by Karen Ann Young

and a free string.

The second tile is a combination of the Diva-challenge #213 and Joey's challenge #56.
For the Diva-challenge we should use Traced Object Strings and I took a spice jar as a string :)
For Joey's challenge we should use these patterns:

Last but not least my contribution for Joey's challenge #55:

We should tangle with

  • Cat-Kin by Mimi Lempart and I added 
  • Tizzy by Hanny Waldburger and 
  • Crescent Moon by Zentangle
I really fell in love with Cat-Kin, it's so soft and nice to tangle with ♥

Keep on tangling!
Love, Joya


  1. Wow, three beautiful tiles!!! I like the first one best.

  2. Lovely tiles, the second one has me mesmerized!

  3. Yes, these are all beautiful. I love that cat-kin tangle, you're right very soft.

  4. All three are really well done. I think your Fanz tile is really beautiful and I love the swirly tangle in the bottom corner. I assume that is "Hairy"? Anyway, I like the way they all work together. I love your traced object tile too. It is very eyecatching and your cat-kin is beautifully delicate. Nice job on all 3

  5. All are lovely but the last one made me smile!

  6. I love them all! Especially your spin on the Baskit challenge!
    Thank you for sharing your artwork on my challenges!
    ~ joey ~


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