Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Joey's challenge # 32: BOO

Hey everybody, here's another Hallowe'en-themed challenge by Joey from madebyjoey. We should play around with "BOO" as a string or with pattern starting with the letters or what else we wanted to). I decided to use the letters as a string and used the following patterns:

- Yuma by Tina Hunziker
- Olb by Helen Williams
- Crescent Moon by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
- Florz by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

Sorry for the dark picture, I ran out of good daylight today and when I use flash it doesn't look very nice because of the reflections by the pencil-shades.)

Have a great Hallowe'en!

Diva-challenge # 191

This week the Diva reminds us to vary well-known patterns and to play around with Betweed. So I made a Monotangle with this pattern (designed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas). I especially love Betweed when it turnes out like a star, but the border I also like very much.

Tangle on!

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

String Thing # 64

Here's my tile for this weeks' "String Thing"-challenge on Adele Bruno's blog "Tickled to Tangle". I'm still surprised and happy that I won the "honor of the week" last week (take a look at her post here) and I'm so glad for being a part of this creative and affectionately group of tanglers!

These are the patterns I used this week:
- Owlz and
- Roxi both by Beth Snoderly
- N'Zeppel by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

Tangle on!

Square One: Beelight

This weeks' topic in the Square One: Purely Zentangle-group on Facebook is beelight. I used these patterns:

- Beelight by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
- Flukes by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
- Stone Wall by Linda Rea

All three patterns were new to me and the tile reminds me on medieval castles and some "bow and arrow" :)

Have a great weekend,

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

String Thing # 63

This time we used in the String-Thing-challenge String 066 in honour to Adele's Grandmother Guellma Gevene and the following Q-patterns:

Quandary by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (Zentangle)
Quare by Beth Snoderly
Quib by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (Zentangle)
Quiltz by Kym Barlow

I tangled with Quib before, but the other patterns were new to me and I totally fell in love with "Quiltz" (the pattern in the bottom left corner and in the upper right corner). I love stars!

Keep on tangling!

Tackle It Tuesday: T-U-E

Here's my tile for this weeks' Tackle it Tuesday-challenge with patterns who start with T-U-E.
I chose these patterns:

- Tipz by Faith Cohen
- U-Wien by Anna Mayer
- Eddyper by Damy

Have a great weekend!

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Joey's challenge # 31: Witch's hat

This week in Joey told us in her weekly challenge to tangle a witch's hat with patterns which remind us to Halloween. I had fun to tangle around with it, so thank you very much Joey :-)

I used the following patterns:
- Ojo by Lara Williams
- Zeta by Wayne Harlow
- Hako by Lara Williams
- Hatchpatch by Melissa Hughes
- Hekzee by Carole Ohl
- Hepmee by Carole Ohl

Keep on tangling!

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Diva-challenge # 190

This challenge from the Diva is special to me. She made this challenge in honour of her grandmother who passed away from complications due to Breast Cancer. So we had to tangle something with pink for her grandmother or for an other person we know whose lives have been touched by Breast Cancer. In my case I tangled for my Mom because she got Breast Cancer last spring-time. She recovered very well and the whole family is happy about that. I'm proud to have such a strong Mom and I love her so much, so I tangled only heart-based patterns :-)

These are the patterns I used:

- Heartbox,
- Heart S (no kick),
- Heartline,
- Heartstrings, all by Helen Williams
- Heartvine by Lori Howe

Stay healthy, fit and creative!

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Diva # 189 and SquareOne: Aquafleur

Again I don't have much time and so I combined again two challenges. The challenge in the Facebook-group "Square One" (topic of the week: Aquafleur) and the challenge from the Diva #189 (topic: UMT Yuma).

So these are the patterns I used in this tile:
- Aquafleur by Zentangle
- Yuma by Tina Hunziker
- River by Suzanne McNeill

Go on tangling!

String Thing # 62: Uncorked

This is my tile for Adele Bruno's challenge "It's a String Thing #62". We had to use String 062 and the pattern "Uncorked". I never tangled it before, and I'm not really satisfied with this tile. It's dark and agitated... next time I'll try again :-)

I used these patterns:
- Uncorked by Adele Bruno
- Meer by Zentangle
- Fescu by Zentangle

Have a nice weekend!

Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Tackle It Tuesday M-O-N

Here's my contribution to the challenge "Tackle It Tuesday M-O-N" with patterns who start with M, O and N. I chose these patterns:

- Morning Glories by Helen Williams
- Olb by Helen Williams
- Navaho by Karen Mlot

Have a great week!

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Joey's challenge # 30: Thanksgiving in Canada

Hello everybody, today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and Joey started a suitable challenge for this date. We have to use the following paterns:

Trivet by Nancy Newlin
Half Onions by Livia Chua
Allium by JJ LaBarbera
Nvelope by Alyss Amster
Kuke by Katy Abbott
Sunflower by Anne Marks

I chose a pumpkin-formed string and filled it with the patterns. It was really fun to make this one, even if it's more ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) than original Zentangle :-)


Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Square One: Fengle

This week, the Facebookgroup "Square One" challenged us to tangle some Fengle :-) I made two totally different tiles with Fengle.

No. 1:

The patterns I used are:
- Fengle (of course) by Zentangle
- Brayd by Zentangle
- Yuma by Tina Hunziker
and a frame without pattern.

No. 2:

It seems to have some silvery glitter, but that's because I used a flashlight to fotograph it. I shades with a common pencil and I like it much better in real without the silver highlights ;-)
I used these patterns:
- Fengle by Zentangle
- Meer by Zentangle
- Ixorus also by Zentangle
and some points without pattern.

Have a great week and tangle on!

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Tackle it Tuesday: SUN

It's Tackle it Tuesday-time and this week we "will be tangling S U N, with a twist" and we use the following patterns:

- Sez by zentangle
- Up and Across by Suzanne McNeil
- Nymph by Melinda Barlow

As String I used a sun, too and I tried to tangle a bit more free and less planned. I'm still learning :-)

Have a great time tangling!

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Joey's challenge # 29

Joey's challenge suggested us to use String 010 and our favorite "O"-Tanglepatterns. I chose

- O by Damy
- Opus with an aura by Zentangle

and some simple stripes. "O" was really challenging for me, I couldn't tangle it symmetrically. I have to practice it I guess :-)

Tangle on!

String Thing # 61

This week Adele with "The String Thing-challenge" suggested the String #060 and the following patterns:

- Moonpie by CZT Joan Delony
- Aquafleur by Maria Thomas
- River by CZT Suzanne McNeill
- Gutz by Patricia Cosiano

And again some new patterns for me, I enjoyed River a lot :-)

Tangle on!

Diva-challenge # 188: National Coming Out Day

This week the Diva has a special challenge for us. On October 11th the US celebrates the National Coming Out Day and in honour to a 12-years-old boy who wants to support his gay friend we are supposed to tangle something about the LGBT-theme (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgender) in rainbow-colors or with LGBT as a string. I chose the string-variation and the following patterns:

- Agua by Christina Vandervlist
- Angel Fish by Marizaan van Beek
- Baton by Carola Ohl
- Ing by Molly Hollybaugh

and a rainbow-banner around the letters.

Tangle on!

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Tackle it Tuesday: Septem B E R

Cheryl from Artful Creations (with the Tackle it Tuesday-challenge) wrote in her actual challenge:

" know there are no mistakes in zentangle. It is supposed to be and R."

This is exactly what I have to learn about tangling. I tried some new elements for the corners and I didn't like it. I wanted to erase it (even though I know I couldn't because I used a permanent pen ;-) ), but then I decided to try something different and I painted the background whole black. I never did this before and I think, I like it better than the abortive thingys before :-)

I used the patterns:
- Brayd by Michele Beauch
- Exis by Jennifer Hohensteiner
- Roscoe by Vicki Bassett

Tangle on!

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

String Thing # 60

Here's my tile for the "String Thing" #60 with String 061 and the following patterns:

Xav - my own tangle. (located on the pink tabs at the top of this page)
X by Lila Popcheff
Xplode by Margaret McKerihan
Xeni by Jacqueline Janssen

All patterns are new to me and I fell in love with Xplode ♥

Have nice time an tangle on!

Diva-Challenge # 187:Blind String / Square One: Pendrills

Because I had not so much time I cimbined two challenges in one tile. I made a blind string (with a eyes closed) for the Diva-challenge #187:

 And I added the wekly pattern for the "String One"-group on Facebook: Pendrills.

These are the patterns I used:
- Pendrills by Zentangle
- Sand Swirl by Karry Heun
- Striping by Zentangle with sparkle
- Bilt by Lisa Skeen
- Paradox by Zentangle
- Cockles 'n Mussels by Margaret Bremner
- Hurray! by Agneta Landegren
- Mac Dee by Anneke van Dam

I don't like the black pearls with Pendrills, but I love to tangle with Sand Swirl and Mac Dee ♥

Have agreat weekend!

Joey's challenge # 28: Knyt

Here's my tile for Joey's challenge #28. I used the patterns "Knyt" by Helen Williams and "Featherfall" by Carola Ohl. I never used these patterns and I'm noct very satsfied with both. I added some color to make Knyt brighter. Perhaps I have to get a bit more free in using them, I followed the instructions very straight. The next time I use them I will try some new directions :-)

Have a nice weekend!