Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

String Thing # 115

This tile I tangled for Adele Bruno's The String Thing #115. We used String 116 and the patterns Fandance, Swarm and Cruffle. I tried to make a smooth transition between Fandance and Swarm at the border, but I'm not satisfied. I will try it next time a bit more smooth :o)

Have a great time!

Daily New Challenge # 218 and # 223

The brilliant german tangleartist LonettA presented the "Daily New Challenge" by CZT Ela Rieger and I tried some of the challenges.

At first I tangled challenge #218 with the patterns Sixtars, Voxter ans Yah:

And a few days later the challenge #223 with Chlips, Diamondz and Hamadox:

I know I can't do challenges every day, but sometimes I will be able to do a challenge and I'm glad I found this beautiful blog :o) Thank you very much LonettA for reporting ♥


Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

String Thing # 114

I never used this String #114 before, and it was really fun to tangle for The String Thing #114 with these patterns:

Ahh by Zentangle
Ta-Da by Margaret McKerihan
Teenos by Adele Bruno

Thank you Adele for thsi great challenge :o)


Muster-Mixer # 11

Here's my contribution for the Muster-Mixer Challenge #11. The challenge was to mix, merge and / or create a new pattern from these given patterns:

Façade and Crescent Moon, both originally Zentangle patterns.

I love these challenges, they are very recreative and fun :o)


Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

Diva-challenge # 239

When I first read the challenge #239 at the Diva's Blog I thought "mh, how boring!". Like her I didn't like the pattern "Munchin" by Molly Hollibaugh, but then I took a look at the video. I wanted to give Munchin a chance and decided to try an acorn-leave-shape (because of the canadian Thanksgiving last weekend), just as a guideline for the points. It turned out very well I think. Next time I will try a shape-free Munchin as recommended in the video :o)

Did you try Munchin once? Do you like it? I'm curious :o)


Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

String Thing # 113

Huh, time flies... is it really true my last post is that old? I'm sorry, my summer was really busy and I didn't really feel to tangle. And then I saw the String Thing challenge #113 and I knew I had to tangle this! I immediately knew what to do and how to tangle the different patterns. I'm glad to be back in tangling :o)

So these are the patterns I used:

Hollibaugh by Molly Hollibaugh
2-n-5 by Anita Roby-Lavery
Pots-n-pans by Sayantika Ray

with the String 113. Thank you Adele, you inspired me to start again :o)