Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Tackle it Tuesday M-N-O

Another Tackle it Tuesday-challenge, this time with patterns starting with M-N-O. I used String 017 and the patterns

  • Munchin by Molly Hollibaugh
  • 'Nzeppel by Maria Thomas
  • Nymph by Melinda Barlow
  • Open wide by Texasdoxiemama
  • Opera by Jane Monk

Some old friends and some new patterns for me. The Nymph remembers me to a Viola, I hope spring is coming soon :o)


Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Tackle it Tuesday J-K-L

We continue with the alphabet-series on the Artful Creations-blog and the Tackle it Tuesday-challenge "J-K-L". I used String 14 and the patterns
All of them were new to me and I espacially loved to tangle with Jalousie and Kofeform.


Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

String Thing # 81

Here's my contribution to the String Thing-challenge #81 with the String 082 and the patterns Fassett and Phroz, both by Lynn Mead. I had to be very accurate and the String is very intricate, so I had to think about how to tangle the two patterns for a while. Then I just started anywhere and the tile nearly grew on its own :o) I think it turned out a little like a window of a church, I will try an aquarell-colored background with these patterns :o)


Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

String Thing # 80

Here's my tile for the String Thing-challenge #80. We should use String 080 and create a Duotangle with the patterns:

Kozy by Marieke van Nimwegen
Inaura by CZT Bunny Wright

They were both new to me and I like them both :o)


Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

Just for Fun II

It's looking like a retro-tile, but it's only very bad light and the cam of my mobile-phone. I'm sorry for the bad picture, but I wanted to show it before I'm going to London tomorrow for a few days. I'm very excited to go to London, I've never been there and I want to see soooo much, my feets will hurt a lot I guess :o)

In this tile I used no special string and the following patterns:

  • Lyptus by Precious Worker
  • Opus by Maria Thomas
  • 'Nzeppel by Zentangle

Have a great week!

Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Square One: Huggins

This week's challenge in the Square One: Purely Zentangle-group on Facebook is the pattern "Huggins". In this tile I used the String 089 and these patterns:

  • Huggins by Zentangle
  • Xplode with aura by Margaret McKerihan
  • 'X' by Poppie_60
  • Yuu by Mei Hua Teng
  • Zedbra by Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner

Have a nice wekend,

Valentine-Tangle - Just for Fun

I did this Tangle just for fun, with no special challenge. I used these patterns:

  • Vano by Hanneke Sieben
  • Ansu by Lori Manoogian
  • LG by Adele Bruno

The patterns begin with V-A-L, what a hap it's Valentine's Day today ;o)

Happy Valentine's for all of you!

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

String Thing # 79

It's String Thing-time again and this week we used the String 076 and the following patterns:
I think it's not my best tangle, but I love grid-patterns, so it was a pleasure for me :o)


Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

Tackle it Tuesday: G-H-I

Hey, here's my tile for the Tackle it Tuesday-challenge with pattern starting with G-H-I. I used these patterns:
  • Groovy by Eden Hunt
  • Hi-Cs by Anita Roby-Lavery
  • Ing by Molly Hollibaugh
When I seemed to be finished I thought it was a bit simple or plain, and I added some black in the center. Then I thought the Ing to be inconspicuous, so I added the bubbles and more black color. And some extra-stripes to Hi-Cs. And some extra swings to Groovy. Then I decided, I'll never really feel it's finished, so I stopped and that's what it looks right now :D

Tackle it Tuesday: D-E-F

Yes, I'm a bit late with this last weeks' challenge "Tackle it Tuesday: Tangles starting with D-E-F", but I still wanted to do it. I used these tangles:
Now I can start with this weeks' challenge with G-H-I :o)

Have a great evening,
Love, Joya

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Diva-challenge # 204: Valentangle

This week's challenge at Diva's Blog is "to get into the Valentine's Spirit", and I wanted to try a Mandala with some simple patterns from the web and a dice, so I must not decide which element I had to use in the next row. It was relaxing and in the end I decided to use some red, so I got a "Valentangdala" or something like that :o)

(In original it's not that dark, but I couldn't get a better foto, it's still rainy outside here since the weekend.)

Have you all a merry Velantine's day ♥
Love, Joya

Square One / Muster-Mixer # 3

It's my first time trying a "Muster-Mixer" (= to mix or merge two or more Tanglepatterns). The german "Freude mit Zentangle"-Blog (= Fun with Zentangle) started its third challenge with mixing the patterns Cadent and Buttercup. The weekly challenge of the Facebook-group "Square One - Purely Zentangle" is the pattern Well, and I thought it matches to the other ones, so I started to tangle around with these three patterns. It's totally different to my usual tangles, but it was fun to merge the patterns into each other, I will try some other patterns to merge in the next weeks.

Have fun,

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

String Thing # 78

Here's my tile for Adele's String Thing-challenge #78. She created a new String with hearts and we had the choice between these patterns to fill the string:
I used all of them and colored the tile with some red.

Have a great Valentine's day folks ♥

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Do you know "dangling"?

Last week I bought the book "Zenspirations: Dangle Designs" by the fabolous Joanne Fink. I wanted to by it many times before, and when I discovered a forgotten coupon for Amazon in my mails I had to buy it :)

I know, it's very, very colorful and has much details, but once I started I couldn't stop until my eyes got tired and all blocks were colored :o) Next time, I will try to left more free space and less color. There are so many possibilities and it's much different to Zentangling, but I like it very much just to doodle around without strings and patterns ;o)

Did you ever hear about Dangling or tried it by yourselfs?


Square One: Quandary

In the Facebook-group "Square One - Purely Zentangle" the topic of the week is Quandary by Zentangle. I used String 124 and the patterns Quandary, Florz (also by Zentangle) and Phroz by Lynn Mead.

I'm not really satisfied with this tile, it's not really creative and a kind of boring and Quandary is not one of my favourite patterns. And next time I will try Phroz a bit larger so I have more space to draw the details.


Joey's challenge # 45

This week we have a very funny challenge at Joey's Blog. We should use our hand as a string and fill it with tangles we want to use. I chose many patterns:

  • 8 of Diamonds by Sue Jacobs
  • Akoya by Sandy Hunter
  • Amphora by Lily Moon
  • Antidots by Anita Roby-Lavery
  • Antique by Kathy Barringer
  • BB by Zentangle
  • Lachrymose by molossus
  • Lotus Flower by Quaddles-Roost (Deviantart)
  • Lyptus by Precious Worker
  • Zöpfe by Kunstkramkiste (Simone B.)
Sometimes I like to see the differences between shading and no-shading, so here's the picture of pre-shading:

Have a great week,