Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Christmas cards

Here are two cards I made for some friends as an addition to a gift.

The first one was for Michaela, a really nice person I know from the website "Musterkritzler" (german for "pattern doodlers"). She made an embroidered star for me and I sent her this:

I used the paterns Sand Swirl, Arukas and some balls I forgot to write down the name of the pattern, sorry.

The second one is for another really nice person, a colleague of mine named Sasy (that's her nichname). Every Advent we "do a secret Santa" (we call it "Wichteln" in germany" with some other friends and we send each other some secret presents in a box per snail Mail. At a declared day we come together in Skype and unwrap the presents while the others are waiting and reading what you are unpacking at the moment. It's always fun and I love it every year again!

I wrote a small card for Sasy and I used the patterns Arukas, Verdogogh and Beadle Joos. 

You all may have a merry, merry christmas and a great New Year's Eve! I will take a little break in tangling and see you next year!

Love and kisses,

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