Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Joey's challenge # 27: Cayke

Here's my Tangle for Joey's challenge #27. We had to use the String #012 and the pattern "Cayke" by Rose Brown. Here's the list of the patterns I used:
- Bublz by Lori Byerly
- Cayke by Rose Brown
- Mooka by Zentangle
- Ruf-l by Millie Galliher
- Trivolution by Sandra Chatelain
- Zenplosion by Danni O'Brien

I really had no plan how to fill this string and which patterns I want to use, I just started with Cayke and tangled on. I also can't decide which direction my tile should have, this one or perhaps another perspective? It's not important, I like it anyway ;-)

Tangle on!


  1. What a fun selection of tangles (thanks for using bublz, it's really a thrill to see someone use your tangle pattern).

  2. lovely tile. I like all the patterns you have chosen and how you have used them

  3. Oh, deine Variante gefällt mir auch sehr gut!
    Es wirkt so schön offen! :)


  4. I like your tangle selections for your tile. It looks like a birthday present.