Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Diva-Challenge # 185

This challenge from The Diva made me really happy. I like the autumn and the coloured leaves :-) There were no directions which patterns we have to use, and I chose patterns which start with the letters F, A, L and L (for fall indeed ;-). These are the patterns:

- Finery by Zentangle
- Afterglo by Carole Ohl
- LG by Adele Bruno
- Lacy by Sandtra Strait

I also made a picture before shading:

It's interesting so see how different the tiles are before and after shading :-)

Have a great time and tangle on!


  1. This is a pretty tile, and yes shading changes the entire look of the tile.

  2. Beautiful Tile. Love how you selected the patterns for this Challenge, using the initials from the word FALL. Very effective shading. Wonderful job, Joya.

  3. Delicate tile, I love your shading. Also nice to see the difference with no-shading!

  4. Fun way to do this with tangles inspired by fall! Great tile!

  5. Ein wunderbares Blatt! Mir gefällt auch die Idee deiner Auswahl der Muster! Toll!

  6. I love the clean and pure look of your drawing. And indeed, your shading adds a lot to it

  7. Nice tile and nice way to pick the tangles. Shading can make such a dramatic difference.

  8. Great to see your leaf before and after shading, it really shows the benefit. It's a very beautiful leaf!


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