Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Square One: Fengle

This week, the Facebookgroup "Square One" challenged us to tangle some Fengle :-) I made two totally different tiles with Fengle.

No. 1:

The patterns I used are:
- Fengle (of course) by Zentangle
- Brayd by Zentangle
- Yuma by Tina Hunziker
and a frame without pattern.

No. 2:

It seems to have some silvery glitter, but that's because I used a flashlight to fotograph it. I shades with a common pencil and I like it much better in real without the silver highlights ;-)
I used these patterns:
- Fengle by Zentangle
- Meer by Zentangle
- Ixorus also by Zentangle
and some points without pattern.

Have a great week and tangle on!

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