Freitag, 8. August 2014

String Thing # 52: Happy Birthday!

Yay, the "String Thing" at the "Tickled To Tangle"-Blog has its birthday and the pattern we had to use for the actual challenge was the official Tangle pattern string #52 and this patterns to fill it:

Meringue by CZT Kelley Kelly
A-Fog by Kathy Redmond
Roscoe by Vicki Bassett
Kitl by Jem Miller AKA Ragged Ray
Lotus Pods by CZT Margaret Bremner

I used all of them and I had a lot of fun tangling around :-)

Have a nice time and tangle on!


  1. Das sieht toll aus! Die Akzente mit Rot sind sehr schön ... besonders die kleinen Kerzen im Roscoe-Muster! Einfach wunderschön!
    LG, LonettA